Congo Republic

Sheltered in Ndoki’s dark, humid tropical forest are leopards, gorillas, fierce golden cats and—some say—Congo-basin Mokélé-mbembés, legendary horned reptiles able to kill elephants.

So wild are primeval forests and jungles in the Congo that animals encountered there by scientists and researchers recently may never have seen a human being. Rather than flee, gorillas, chimpanzees, antelopes, and others approached and followed, apparently out of curiosity, to get a better look.  

Saving such rare and precious places of untouched wilderness is a modern-day challenge. Slash-and-burn agriculture and unsustainable mechanized logging by international timber companies have destroyed habitat, and road-building connected with them has opened previously remote areas to easy poaching for ivory and “bush meat” both for commercial trade and to feed logging crews.

WCS-Congo—a partnership between the Congolese government and WCS—is exploring and managing NOUABALÉ-NDOKI and two other reserves—CONKOUATI NATIONAL PARK and LAC TÉLÉ COMMUNITY RESERVE—working toward sustainable management of the region’s natural resources.

Congo Republic


Conkouati National Park

Lac Télé

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