Maiko National Park

Another significant eastern lowland gorilla population is in Maiko National Park, 4,180 square miles (10,835 km2) of dense humid equatorial forest located to the north of the Kisangani–Bukavu road. In this magnificent tract are forest elephants, chimpanzees, leopards, Congo peacocks, okapis, spiral-horned bongos, and other rare species, all at serious risk from poaching and mining. The park has almost no funding or protective staff. Facilities at least until recently have been nonexistent and visitor access not permitted.

NOTE: Gorillas are classified into three well-defined races: western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorillagorilla), in Gabon and Cameroon; eastern lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla graueri), in DRC between rightbank of Congo (Zaire) River and eastern mountains (in Maiko and Kahuzi-Biega reserves); and mountain gorillas (Gorilla gorilla beringei) native to Virunga mountain range in DRC, Rwanda, and Uganda.