On and Around the Antarctic Peninsula

The South Shetland Islands—Livingstone and King George with Nelson Island, just south, with large colonies of chinstrap, gentoo, and Adelie penguins; also Elephant Island, where explorer Ernest Shackleton set out to seek rescue and help for his men in an epic journey to South Georgia; Half Moon Island, where chinstrap penguins tend young along with Antarctic blue-eyed shags, snowy sheathbills and Antarctic fur seals; Deception Island with large mixed colonies, several with more than 50,000 chinstrap pairs alone.

Palmer Archipelago where humpback whales congregate and thousands of gentoo penguins crowd icebound shores of Cuverville Island under dramatic cliffs.

Anvers Island, especially breathtakingly beautiful Paradise Harbor (aka Paradise Bay) with nesting cape petrels, Antarctic blue-eyed shags, kelp gulls, and Antarctic terns, against dramatic cliffs surrounded by sculpted icebergs and magnificent mountains.

Paulet Island, off the tip of the Peninsula, with hundreds of thousands of breeding Adelie pairs, also nearby Hope Bay with largest Adelie colony in the world.


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South Shetland Islands

Palmer Archipelago

Anvers Island

Paulet Island

Hope Bay