South Africa

Kruger National Park, South Africa’s largest, offers homes to more mammal species than any other reserve on the continent—huge populations of over 8,000 elephants, 25,000 buffalo, 25,000 zebras—plus highest density of raptors in the world.

South Africa has one of the earth’s richest wildlife heritages, the result of a diversity of climate, topography, animal and plant life, and scenic beauty which has been protected in a great and comprehensive National Park system. Some, like KRUGER, help preserve a variety of ecosystems; some have striking scenic values; some, like BONTEBOK and MOUNTAIN ZEBRA reserves, were established for one or a few rare species.

Members of South Africa’s National Parks Board have understood the importance of getting support from the millions of people living near the various park boundaries. To that end they have undertaken a program to educate leaders and schoolchildren in surrounding communitiesabout the benefits to them of preserving wild systems and lands, including economic benefits from employment created to take care of visitors from around the world. 

Surplus animals, especially from large herds in Kruger, are transported to other parks or buffer areas around parks. In some of these, limited hunting may be allowed. This also provides financial support and jobs.

South Africa has 17 national parks, each in a unique natural situation, covering more than 7,700 square miles (19,950 km2) and accommodating 1.09 million visitors a year. Premier among these are KALAHARI GEMSBOK and Kruger.

South Africa



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