Kootenay National Park

Kootenay National Park, adjoining Banff on the west, was devastated by a 1968 wildfire, but this resulted in cleared, sunny areas where wildflowers have flourished, also short, tender regrowth, attractive browse for moose, elk, and deer. Storm Mountain can be covered with brilliant fireweed and yellow columbine.

Mount Wardle is home to many mountain goats which spend most of their time on high slopes but in spring and early summer bring young ones down to lick at naturally-occurring minerals in road banks. Bighorn sheep are attracted to iron-rich cliffs in Sinclair Canyon.

To get there take the spectacular Banff–Windermere Highway (Route 93s) west off Route 1A at Castle Junction in Banff. The full scenic drive to Radium Hot Springs, bisecting the park, is 65 miles (105 km), with few services.